Tuesday, December 6, 2022

2-3 Litres Water Enough

Q. Many advice drinking large quantity of water everyday to cleanse the impurities in the body. How many litres one should have? 6-8 litres a day enough? Some say one shouldn’t have water while having meals as it will affect digestion. Some say drinking water will dilute the chemicals which help in digestion. What happens if one take spicy and tongue burns?

Ans: If anyone tell that one should drink more water to purify body then it is totally wrong. 2-3 litres water a day is enough for a person. Impurities in body will come out through sweat or urine. Impurities in blood will come out through urine. 

If one takes more than 3 litres this will result in more pressure. If balance in blood like sugar, sodium,potassium,magnesium, enzymes gets disturbed it will result in hormones deficiency. Only during sunstroke, vomiting, loose motions one can have more water. If one drinks too much water they should get checked for sugar and other diseases. One can drink water during meals. There is nothing like chemicals getting diluted. One can have water without fear while having meals. 


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