Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Acne Symbol of Adolescence

Q:I am 18. We are very poor. I have lot of pimples and everyone is making fun of me. One friend told lemon juice will reduce pimples. I used lemon juice but pimples did not reduce. I am feeling sad and plan to die. Save me

Ans: Acne is common in boys and girls during adolescence. Acne signify adolescent. One should be proud of entering into adolescence. One shouldn’t lose heart. If pimples are less no need to worry. In some it will grow and even pus will be formed. One should have azithromycin 500 mgs tablets one each for three days. Apply erythromycin 2% cream or clindamycin 2% solution on pimples 2-3 times a day. If pimples with pus are still there use doxycycline 100 mgs pills one in the morning and one in the evening for six weeks. In some pimples will come after sometime and use the same medicines. 


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