Wednesday, May 25, 2022

AIDS Fear Is A Disease

Q. It is true that I had sex with some girls. I had blood test and tested negative for AIDS. Later I got married and led a normal life. Bur of late I am having muscles pain and headache. I became weak and feel I lost weight. I am scared whether AIDS symptoms are showing off. I am scared to have blood test for the fear of positive result. Now I am even shivering. Did I become AIDS patient? Did my wife too became AIDS patient? With AIDS doubt I am shivering for any small thing? Only you should shave me

Ans: You got negative result for AIDS in your blood test. So you can be happy. You are having fear of AIDS.Get tested for AIDS. If HIV is found at early stages one can live happily with precautions. If one hides AIDS due to fear, it will not show any pity to them. Those who have suspicion should get tested and take preventive measures.


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