Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Aids Is Your Phobia

Q:I am 48 years and recently visited a small doctor when I had fever. He gave injection with a syringe in his hand. I suspect that he used that syringe to someone else earlier. Many patients suffering from sexual infections,AIDS come to this doctor. I questioned him as I get AIDS if he used the same injection to a HIV patient. However he said he did not use the injection to others. However no person will confess his mistake. So I am still having the AIDS fear and so at once got HIV test, Hepatitis B test. It gave negative reports. But still I underwent PCR test. Even in that there is no result. I completed all the tests in a week time. I heard that HIV will not be confirmed with these tests? Do I have AIDS? Did my life go to dogs? I am scared

Ans:You are suffering from AIDs phobia. Chances of getting AIDS is very rare if injected to hand. Though the syringe is infected with aids virus, in normal environment the virus will die with in seconds. You neednot fear. If you still have doubts you can undergo aids test after three months. Your fears will be washed away. 

Only if syringe is injected into veins, people get infected with AIDS. Whatever it may be it is always safe to use disposable syringe. 


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