Wednesday, May 25, 2022

All Due To Age?

 Q. I am 20 and since 12 years I started to have sexual feelings. It increased by 14-15 years. I don’t know what boys do when they have high sex feelings but I put finger and rub my vagina. Sometimes I press my vagina and it will give me pleasure. I did for 3-4 years but later heard that it was wrong to do. I stopped this habit forcibly. Now I am having more white discharge. It is forming white sticky oily layer near vagina. Did blister form on vagina due to my fingering? Am I not fit for sex. I am scared. I am going to college but am not able to concentrate on studies. Is death only option.

Ans: Guys and girls will have sexual desires in teenage and it is natural to get pleasure on their own. You didn’t make any mistake and all girls do it. This will not result in blisters. Near cervix in Vagina, mucus will be formed and it will come out slowly. This is not a disease. During washing of private parts and use of panties, it turns sticky. You are not the only one experiencing this. So don’t worry and study well.


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