Tuesday, June 28, 2022

All Due To Anxiety

Q : Recently I met a aunty. I wait eagerly for chance after participating in sex with her every 15-20 days. During that time I remember her and get self satisfaction. However whenever I participate in sex with her,within half a minute serem will be out. I don’t have second chance. Earlier aunty used to show interest in me but now she lost interest and due to my pressure she is readying. I am feeling insulted as I am cumming with in a minute. What will be my situation if I get married?

Ans: Sex with strangers generally result in ejaculation with in minutes. Unmarried people will have this problem. This is due to their excitement to participate in sex. You neednot fear that this happens even after marriage. When you have sex with wife dialy, your excitement will be under control and so ejaculation will not happen. If the problem persists it could be cured with medication.


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