Tuesday, December 6, 2022

All Those Are Acids Magic

Q: Will excess heat result in stomach pain and burning sensation? What should one do to reduce it?

Ans: THere is no meaning for heat. For any heat related thing there is one disease. Hydrochloric acid will be formed in the digestive system of each person. Apart from it cepsin,mucus will be formed. If acid is in high levels one gets stomach problems.

High intake of coffee,tea, stress, lack of sleep,sour,spicy,masala items,drinking, pan parag,jarda will result in high acidity levels. Some will have lemon juice, ginger for burning sensation but this will increase it. One should have gelusil,Digene 1-2 tabs for 4-5 times. Omez D capsule 1-2 tab per day or else rabeprazole,pantoprazole1-2 tabs per day. If pain don’t subside endoscopy should be performed.


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