Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Allegations As Grandmother?

Q : I am 60 and my husband is 70. We stopped having sex ten years back. I don’t have any interest on it also. However for some months my husband started behaving abnormally. He is accusing me of having illegal relations. We have children,daughters in law, grandchildren who are waiting for marriage. But he is accusing me abusing me in front of all of them. I am innocent and I am hanging my head in shame with him talking about sex and me in front of all. Everyone knows that there is nothing. However he is creating affairs between me and others. Except on this issue he is fine. How to change his behavior and my life?

Ans: Seems your husband is suffering from psychotic disorder. They will suffer with illusions and their own suspicions. This is one mental disorder and old people are prone to this disease. Men or women get affected by it. If medicines are used,it will be solved. Take your husband to a doctor and use medicines. Your life will change for good.


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