Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Am I Not Competent For Sex?

Q : I am 22 and till now I never met with any girl. I have lot of sexual wants. I don’t have penis erections and testiciles,penis is short. I used ayurvedic medicines with no effect. I am sad and scared whether I am not fit for sex. I feel living itself is waste. Am I ok or need any treatment? Please advice me

Ans: In your case hormone tests, penile color doppler tests should be performed. Lack of hormones, nerves not responding, lack of blood circulation could be the reason for no penile erection. Some will be alright but due to unnecessary fears and complex don’t experience penile erection. So the above tests should be done. Sometime simple counseling will solve the problem. Now a days penile erection problems are not big issue. Medicines like Sildenafil , Tadalafil give good results. Consult your doctor and get treated. You will become normal.


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