Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Am I Not Fit For Marriage?

Q : I am 22 and not married. I participated in sex many times with an aunt at the age of 16. I had feeling that if one have sex with elder women there will be problems. From then on I stopped having sex not only with her but all women. For some months I feel my sex potency is reducing. After stopping sex I masturbated a lot,sometimes more than 5-6 times a day. Now I lost my sex potency due to aunty or masturbation. Am I not fit for marriage. Will my wife kick me after marriage. I am worried.

Ans: Man will not lose anything if he has sex with elder woman. Sex will not damage. You did not lose anything due to sex with elder lady or masturbation. Irrespective of number of times you masturbate nothing will happen. Lack of sexual knowledge is leading to such worries. If you understand this you will be normal person. You don’t need any treatment and you are fit for marriage.


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