Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Am I Unfit For Marriage?

Q:My age is 20 years. My penis is slightly bent to a side and even when erected it will be towards one side. I heard that penis should be straight and if bent, person is not fit for marriage. It tried many times to make it straight holding with hand. However it did not straighten and to the top of it when erected, when pulled to other side, I am feeling pain. When I went to a so called sex specialist he examined and said penis in such form is not suited for sex and it will not enter explaining me elaborately. He even told me to give me vacuum pump if I pay him 5000 Rs. He said if I put penis in it , problem will be solved. I don’t have money and I am ashamed to tell this to elders. I stole 10000 Rs from the amount from my father who saved it for my sister’s marriage. Even after buying the vacuum pump, there is no change in my penis situation. Should I get operated and if am not fit for marriage life,what’s the use of my living. I want to commit suicide. Pl advice me as my life is in your hands

Ans:Your penis bend is not at all a bend. Penis will not be straight like a stick and that too when erected.Irrespective of its inclination, there will not be any problem while entering. If one guides with hand, entry will be easy. Some claiming as sex specialists are playing with the lives of the innocents.One shouldn’t fall in their trap. You don’t need any treatment and can get married without fear.


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