Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Are Loose Motions AIDS Symptom?

Q: I have AIDS. CD 4 230. I have loose motions frequently. At those times I use medicines from medical shop. But I am not getting cured. Except AIDS I don’t have any problems but loose motions are troubling me. I became weak. What medicines I should use?

Ans: Loose motions are common in AIDS patient. People having less CD4 Count 200 will suffer from loose motions. Parasites, bacteria,virus,fungal infections in digestive system will result in loose motions. If you get your stool tested problem can be known to some extent. Treatment will also solve the problem. If you have boiled water there is less chance of getting infected. AIDS patient shouldn’t have water from taps and other places. Should wash hands before eating anything. All eatables should be away from flies. Fruits should be washed. This will solve loose motions.

Use ciprofloxacin 500 mg 1 each morning and evening till loose motions are controlled. After that too continue for two days. If you have stomach pain with loose motion use Loperamide. Worms in stomach are common. People should have albendazole 400 mg one each morning and evening for two weeks. Apart from it one should have healthy food. Should have boiled water with sugar and salt. Should have egg, pulses and leafy vegetables. Consult family doctor. medicines from medical shop is not good. 


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