Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Are You Suffering For His Mistake?

Q. We are married ten years back and blessed with two children. My husband got into relation with one of our relatives.First I didn’t notice when both were close. Till recently I thought my husband is honest to me. But recently when we went to a marriage,they started getting close in a room. My husband didn’t know that I notice him. Later after half an hour when they came out I stood in front of them. He later promised on children that he will not repeat this again. Later he didn’t meet her but I am unable to be normal with him. Recently I didn’t go to relatives function and marriage as I fear I will scold her if I see her. I started living lonely becoming sad. I feel like dying. I may die even before I get reply for this. No one should face such situation

Ans: You are having depression. You are unable to digest the shock in your life. Living along, feeling sad,lack of sleep, wanting to die are the symptoms of depression. However you should understand one thing. Others shouldn’t get punished for someone else’s mistake. Why should you who didn’t commit any mistake die. If you use medicines for depression you will become normal. Both consult doctor and get couple counseling. With this and depression treatment, your life will be normal. You wrote that you have children. Don’t land them in trouble with hasty decisions.


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