Saturday, April 1, 2023

Behavior Therapy Needed

 Q. I am married 10 years back. Till recently both had good married life. We have two children and recently my wife got attracted to another guy. She says she cannot live spending a day without him and adds though she likes me,she wants him also. Even when I am in house she is calling him and is forcing him to go near her. When asked she says she cannot live without her. All this she is saying without fear. I am unable to do anything due to my love for her. I am suspecting someone doing some mantra? I even got sacred threads tied to her but there is no use. How the mantra can show the effect. Suggest solution and save my married life. She is very good.

Ans: There is nothing like mantras, rings and medicines. May be your wife is liking him or got mental. You are not realising the reality due to your love for your wife. Take her to a doctor and if she is mental use medicines and it will solve her problem. If it is behavior change then she will be cured with counseling and behavior therapy.


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