Monday, June 27, 2022

Better Control Sugar

Q. I am 50 and for the last ten years have sugar. I used to have lot of sexual desire earlier. I used to feel sad on days when my husband didnot have sex with me. I used to take initiative though my husband slept tiredly and enjoy little bit. But after sugar I lost interest on sex. My husband is same now and then. He wants sex once in 2-3 days. However I am not interested in sex. Why this wonder? Will our marriage life turn happy again?

Ans: It is common women losing interest in sex and suffer sex pains due to sugar. Some will not have excitement in sex. They also loath sex as sugar leads to bacterial, fungal infections resulting in bruise in  vagina and pain and itching near it. Depression leads to resistance to sex. So consult doctor and control sugar completely. If you have menopause get treated for it too and for depression also. With sexual counseling you will be normal and enjoy sex as usual.


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