Saturday, April 1, 2023

Blackmagic Not There

Q : Is unnatural weight loss due to black magic or witchcraft?

Ans: There is nothing like black magic and witchcraft. So weightloss question will not arise. There is another reason for it. It could be due to body composition or psychological reason. Some will not lose weight while some have the feeling. Apart from it if some near and dear ones ask why they became thin, they will get the same feeling but will not lose weight.

If they really feel they are losing weight then one should check their hunger and how much food they are having. Should get examined for gastric and liver problems. Sugar patients will suffer from weight loss and same is the case with TB. Weight loss will be there if thyroid gland works more. Cancer patients, AIDS patients and many other diseases lead to weight loss. Only on examining patient one can find reason. It is ridiculous to believe in blackmagic after failing to solve problem with small tests.


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