Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Blindness Due To HIV

Q. My relative have AIDS. He gradually lost eyesight and became blind. He is still young. It HIV reason behind his blindness. He has a friend and even he turned blind and I don’t know whether he has HIV or not. Is HIV infectious or not? If others stay never HIV patient will they get the disease? Did his friend get blind due to infectious disease?

Ans: AIDS is not infectious. Only through blood transplantation, sex with HIV patients, or use of syringes used by them will result in the disease or child getting from mother. Except that HIV is not infectious. Some HIV patients will get blindness due to various eye diseases. If HIV is found at early stage, one can prevent blindness. One should test to find whether his friend got blindness due to HIV or some other reason. So you can stay never HIV patient and need not fear for any disease.


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