Saturday, April 1, 2023

Blister On Penis

Q: My husband had affairs with many women. Though I controlled him, due to sensitive problems I couldn’t stop him completely. Recently he entered into relation with a woman. She however was able to control his relationships with other women and so I couldn’t prevent her relation. She is married and has husband. Though relation went on well, but after he came to me he started getting blisters on penis and also complained of burning sensation. The blisters are disappearing without any medication after 10 days. He is now complaining of pain in legs. Even I am getting pain in legs. 

Ans: Illegal relations result in some infections. Those could be major or minor. Women who have illegal relations may also have many relations. Her husband may also have relations. Couple should have good communication and if they speak freely,illegal relations will not happen. Speak to him in a friendly manner and ask your husband to use condom at least with you if he cannot end his relationship. Consult doctor regarding leg pain. There is no relation between sex disease and leg pain. Leg pain will be cured with medicines.


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