Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Blood Instead Of Semen!

Q:I am 78 years hale and healthy. My wife passed away 20years back. Recently one of my female relative started speaking closely and gave sex signals. She is 60 years and is showing interest in sex. Since she too is longing for it,I got ready for sex. Both of us enjoyed but real twist is here. I was shocked to see blood on my penis. Even her clothes got blood stains. Both of us got scared. Both of us argued about the blood stains. She said Since she completed menopause,she cannot get blood. I’m scared that my penis got blood. Will blood come from penis instead of semen in old age? I will not have peace until I get an answer?

Ans:When you had sex, blood came from her. In some old women entrance of womb will be affected with cancer. This will be in the first stage in many women. When participated in sex, due to penis pressure blood will come. So even couple after 50-60 if they find blood stains should get tested for Cervical cancer than ignore it thinking it was due to heat. Some old women even after menopause will get blood from their vagina. This happens due to reduction of estrogen levels. This is not due to cancer. Ask woman to consult a gynecologist.


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