Monday, June 27, 2022

Can Be Controlled, Not Eradicated

Q. I am a AIDS patient. I am depressed as if I am facing death sentence. Death scares anyone. Sudden death is ok but imminent death due to disease always be fearful and only those who live in such manner can understand it. Why did medical science which got medicines for plague and smallpox did not find medicines for AIDS? Are doctors belittling AIDS patients?

Ans: Doctors across the world are using their intelligence and countries are spending crores to find AIDS vaccine. However the virus is still a mystery for many. Though they invented many medicines, AIDS is coming out in new form. However research is in final stages and soon vaccination and curative medicine will come. Till that day have healthy food,have good habits, live peacefully, have peace of mind and use ARV medicines accordingly and this will control the disease. Some government hospitals are providing these medicines for free. So AIDS patients need not get depressed. Live with hope, it will bring fresh lease of life.


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