Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Can I Get Along With He

Q. : I am 30 and completed B.Tech. Till now I concentrated on education and now I am employed. As I stayed in hostel and with many friends though I had sexual thoughts I never tried to masturbate. I used to masturbate once in 2-3 weeks. Now parents are looking for matches and I am having doubts on by sex potency. Many of my friends had sex before marriage and some even went to prostitutes. I did not do but now I feel since I am not fit for sex I did not follow them. I am scared of marriage. Recently elders saw  a match. Girl is outgoing and I am even more scared as she will brand me impotent if I don’t be active like her. Show solution for me.

Ans: Now a days youth generally is concentrating on their studies, career and settling in life so sex became secondary. They have very few sex thoughts but it is not that sex potency in them is less. After marriage all of them will be normal. However they should realise that they should give importance to married life too or else mind will not get tuned to sex life. Only one will think of career. In modern age this is the reason for many problems in marriages. If one don’t think about sex one will not get thoughts with passion. Realise this and tune your mind and you will enjoy. Get married without fear.


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