Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Can I Get Married Again?

Q: I am 25 and studying PG. Recently I had sex with a aunty Even she is 25 but I failed to satisfy her. So she called me a waste. My penis did not get erect and now I am scared. Earlier I used to masturbate and at that time my penis used to be good. can I get married? Till now I did not use any sex medicines. If I have to use medicines let me know. Normal time my penis is hard but 3 days after sexual encounter it is not getting erected. Let me know which specialist I should meet

Ans:When penis is erected during masturbation, the person is sexually potent. If you have anxiety, or have feeling whether you can satisfy her then penis will not erect. same thing happened in your case and not due to lack of potency. Her insults disturbed you mentally which made you lose your self confidence. This is the reason for your problem. You don’t need doctors or tests. You increase your confidence and everything will be alright. 


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