Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Chancroid not AIDS

Q: I had sex with a prostitute. After 4-5 days I found 4-5 blisters on penis. They are paining and now skin got shrunk. Even on testicles spots came and it started paining. I got fever. Is it AIDS? This is the first time I went to a prostitute and why did I get such deadly disease? I will not commit such mistake in my life again. Save me from this disease?

Ans: You got Chancroid disease from prostitutes. Have Doxicycline 100mg capsule ,1 each morning and evening for 14 days. Pus from the testicles should be taken out which will reduce the pain. Consult doctor and you will be cured of your disease. You don’t have AIDS but sexual diseases often lead to AIDs. Get tested for AIDS.


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