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Children Should Consume

Q :Both of us have HIV. We were informed that the disease is at the initial stages and we need not take ARV medicines at present. They are giving tablets for strength and asked to take hygiene food. At present we are healthy. Recently my wife gave birth to a kid. Doctors found that even kid has HIV. Do we have to use medicines for the kid now itself or after he grows up?

Ans: Even if adults have HIV,ARV medicines are not prescribed till CD4 count comes down to 200 or till HIV symptoms are noticed. However the moment small children are diagnosed with HIV,irrespective of age ARV (Anti Retro Viral Drugs) must be used. Tri Dot Test or Elizha test should be done and if they give positive results, one shouldn’t come to a conclusion that they have AIDS. 

Only if Elizha or Tri Dot test gives positive in a 18 months baby, one can confirm HIV. If PCR test is performed in the 6th week, 3rd month or 9th month on baby and it gives positive result then ARV medicines should be given which makes the baby health and HIV symptoms will not develop. 


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