Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Cleanliness Important After Pregnancy

 Q. My wife delivered two days back.Many are saying lot of things. Tell what mothers should know and also when one can have sex after pregnancy?

Ans: Delivery should always happen in the hospital. Doctor who operated will definitely advice women on the precautions they should take. However some due to superstitions do not follow doctor’s advice. Some follow what old ladies tell. After delivery personal hygiene is important and if not infection results in fever. Some women after delivery do not take water. However right after delivery one should have stomach full of water. Some do not take bath for ten days after delivery. However after pregnancy hardship one can have headbatch in 1-2 days. Pregnant woman will take 2-3 days for milk in breasts. However after delivery mother should breast feed baby with in a hour and this forms milk in breasts quickly. In the first two days though milk is not formed, cholestyram liquid will come and this is essential for newborn as it will have antibodies, vitamin A which will protect baby for life. Some put food restrictions to women and starve giving them only one meal. They don’t give them fruit juices, buttermilk saying it will harm them. But all those are superstitions. One shouldn’t starve women and they can have normal food. Right after delivery, one should do regular abdominal exercise,spinal exercise which will prevent back pain. Later after a week can do all household chores normally. After six weeks one can have sex but should follow family planning and see that there is gap of 2 years between two deliveries. There are many superstitions and one should shed them away.


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