Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Cold Water Good For Injuries Due To Burns

Q : Can one pour cold water on burns? Will bruises be more if cold water is poured on injuries due to burns? Will skin get decayed at the burnt place?

Ans: One can pour cold water without any second thoughts when hot water, milk,oil,sambar falls on the body. Nothing will happen if cold water is poured on burns. If one has a tub or bucket, they can place their burnt hands or legs. Ice water is even better.

It is not true that bruises will be more if cold water is used. Skin will not decay and it is dangerous only if burn injuries are not cooled with cold water. Some use burnol,ink or cover with leaves. This will not help. One should pour cold water and then get treated by a consulting doctor. In laboratories,strong acids may fall on the body. Even during that time cold water should be used which reduces the damage.


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