Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Condom Essential For Them

Q: I am having HIV and I have wife. Both of us are healthy and have sexual potency. I am having anti retroviral drug on doctors advice. Doctor adviced us to use condom while having sex. My wife already had tubectomy. Did doctor advice condom use as she was unaware of my wife’s tubectomy? Clear my doubt? When both of us have HIV why should we use condom?

Ans: AIDS/HIV affected couple should use condom. This is not for couple not to deliver kids. Sex without condoms will transfer HIV virus to others more in numbers,especially through semen. This will deteriorate women’s health. Anti Retroviral drug will not kill virus completely. Mutant resistant virus will appear which cannot be killed by medicines. If resistance virus condom is used these virus will not get transferred. This helps HIV patient couple to live for more duration happily in a healthy manner. So use condom during sex. 


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