Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Desire Turned Dangerous

Q. I had sexual desires right from 16 years. I used to long to watch private parts of a woman. Apart from it I loved to kiss them and touch them with my hand. I am 30 now and two years back got married. I wished to turn my dream into reality after my marriage. I expressed my wish to my wife and she became shy. I fulfilled my desire forcibly. However, now I got shock with a blame. She told me that I am 0.5,eunuch and will not stay with me. She left to her parents house and even her parents branded that I have sexual abnormal behavior.

Ans: Some have different desires. To fulfil them others should agree. Though she may be your wife, you did a big mistake by forcing her. This brought trouble for you. Couples generally touch,lick and kiss private parts. This is not wrong. However if one forces partners without their consent, results will be in this manner. At Least now go and apologise to your wife. She may understand. Be careful from next time.


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