Monday, June 27, 2022

Disinterest Due To Frigidity!

Q24:I am married two years back and participate in sex almost daily. However my wife sleeps without any reciprocation. I complete my sexual act but she will not encourage him or show any expressions. However she will not object but will not also tell whether she is satisfied or not. After my prodding for many years she told that she is not having any pleasure. I does sex at least for 10 minutes but why is she not satisfied? I used to masturbate a lot before marriage. Is my penis not hard due to this? How to find out this and what I have to do to satisfy my wife?

Ans:Your wife is suffering from frigidity due to which she is not having any thrill in sex. You are not having any fault. Penis will not get weak due to masturbation. Your wife can get interest in sex with the help of counseling and psychotherapy. She can even experience sexual pleasure. You don’t have any problem.


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