Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Do I Have AIDS Or Not?

Q. I had sex only once with a prostitute. Later got tested for HIV after 3 months and 6 months. Reports came negative but my friend told me that in some HIV will not be shown till ten years. Already 3 years passed and I had 20 times HIV test. Everytime I am getting negative report. Will my friend’s word come true. My parents are looking for alliance and I am escaping saying some or the other reason. I am unable to bear the tension and wish to die. As a last chance I am writing to you.

Ans: Your friend saying that HIV will not be revealed for 10 years in blood in some is not true. HIV will be shown in blood test with in three months and in one or two cases it will take 6 months and not 5-10 years. You have AID phobia and this is due to your lack of knowledge. Get married without fear and forget about AIDS.


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