Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Do I Have to Stay Away from Sex?

Q:I had hysterectomy operation four years back. My uterus (womb) was removed. Prior to operation I used to suffer from heavy bleeding 20 days a month. Medicines had no affect. I have heavy sex desire and used to ask my husband for sex even in bleeding.He used to do sex on my pressure. I did not undergo surgery as I was scared. Finally only for sex I had operation. But after operation my vagina became dry and penis is not getting inserted. even though I apply oil or ghee and had sex, it used to get dry and had burning sensation. My husband cannot release serum for long duration and my vagina burning feeling increases. Now I am fed up of sex. Do I have to lose sexual pleasure at 45yrs. I am very worried please help me?

Ans:Not everyone who underwent hysterectomy face your kind of problem. Only in people whose uterus along with two ovaries got removed, they suffer this problem due to less estrogen levels resulting in less fluids. 

Dryness develop in vagina obstructing penis insertion and resulting in burning sensation. Go o a doctor and depending on your problem you may have to use estrogen tablets or apply estrogen hormone ointment in vagina. In some application of K.Y.Jelly solves the problem. There will not be any sex problems. Inform everything to your doctor and lead happy married life.


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