Saturday, May 21, 2022

Don’t Care Her Words

Q. I am 22 and a aunty pulled me into sex. That was my first experience and since aunty gave me chance I agreed readily. She is of 30 years and I was scared to have sex with aged woman. She is also hefty and since she forced me I got ready. However my penis did not get erect.Earlier during masturbation it used to get enlarged and aunty too tried a lot. Finally aunty insulted me saying my penis is that of baby’s penis and added that I am not competent for sex. She even asked me not to get married and added she had sex earlier with many guys of my age group and they had very big penises. She said she is telling all this with experience and asked me not to see any girls as they get fooled. I am writing all this with tears. Am I not fit really? If it is true tell me. There is no need to live.

Her words don’t have any truth. One nee do not think about sex potency if earlier erection happened. Due to new atmosphere and new experience you got scared. In fear penis will not get erect and it is not true due to small size. Relations of this kind before marriage will always give bad experience. So control your sexual desires and don’t run after sex before marriage. You are fit for marriage and can live happily.


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