Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Don’t Fall In Their Trap

Q: I am 22 and have good height,weight and personality. I am recently attracted to a girl who says she likes me. However I am unable to reciprocate since I have short and thin penis. I have doubt whether with short penis I can satisfy her. I am even scared of my friends noticing my short penis when I go for swimming. I want my penis to be hard and long. Will oil massage solve the problem. I went to a doctor seeing an advertisement. He said he will pass current and asked 10000Rs. I don’t have so much amount. Give me solution

Ans: If you have sexual desires, normal penis ejaculation then you neednot worry about the length of penis. 90% of youngsters masturbate. If you also masturbate then donot think about penis size and sex potency. Doctors advice of current treatment are just fraud. They try to cheat innocents like you, don’t fall in their trap. You marry woman of your choice. 


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