Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Don’t Mistake Every Prostitute

Q. I met a prostitute four years back. I didn’t use condom. I didn’t suffer any bruise or got puss. However from then on I had burning sensation in penis continuously. I had HIV tests more than 20 times in the four years. I got VDRL blood test, urine, blood-urine culture test many times. Nothing was there in it. Doctors say I am normal but all doctors are writing costly medicines because of my pressure. However the burning pain is not reducing. I want to die. Did I get any sexual disease?

Ans: You got VD Phobia or AIDS phobia. Since you met a prostitute you feel that you should have AIDS. There is no rule that everyone who meets prostitutes get AIDS. There are prostitutes without any disease. Your tests are normal and so forget about past happenings. Your burning pain is only due to your fear. Psychotherapy will give relief.


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