Saturday, April 1, 2023

Don’t Pity So Much

Q. I met a woman who lost her husband. She is beautiful and healthy. I am attracted towards her and got close to her. She told me she got AIDS and still she carves for the touch of a man. Though she is asking me to have sex using condom, I am scared and just content with hugging, licking her breasts, fingering her vagina, kissing her cheeks etc. Is it safe? Will AIDS come by fingering? However she is happy and even I am satisfied with her beauty. I am happy that I am satisfying a widow. Can I continue like this?

Ans:Yours is high risk behavior. If your fingers have cuts, or have gap between nails, there is chance that HIV virus entering your body. Sometimes you may lose control and even have sex. So stop having such sex. There is nothing wrong in showing concern towards her. But not in giving sexual pleasure.


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