Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Don’t Worry

Q.  I am 20 and my penis is small. Recently I had sex with a girl. Since I am new penis did not get erect. While masturbating it will be strong. I don’t know how much size the penis should be. The girl made fun of me asking what I will do with such small penis and questioned what I can do after marriage. Till that time I never thought of my penis. Now I feel like placing my head under a train. I am writing for your final advice placing my life in your hands.

Ans: Your are perfectly fit for sex and marriage. Since sex experience is new for you,you became scared and anxious. During that time penis will not get erected. Since your penis got erected during masturbation, you have sexual power. Don’t bother about useless talk. Get married and stay away from such illegal relations in future. Don’t worry about your penis size and sexual potency.


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