Saturday, April 1, 2023

Even After Nirodh Usage?

Q:I am not yet married. I went to prostitutes due to high sexual desires. I used nirodh over nirodh. During that time nirodh did not get torn or slip. However the next day my penis turned red. I felt itching and burning sensation. I applied skin ointment I had. The problem was solved in 1-2 days. After a week I went to another prostitute. This time I participated in sex without nirodh. This time I did not have any pain till now. Why did I get disease though I used double nirodh? Did that prostitute suffer from powerful diseases? I even kissed hard and do I get all those deadly diseases? I am scared save me from trouble?

Ans:Some are allergic to oil like particle present in nirodh. However one cannot insert nirodh on penis if it don’t have that lubricant. This created dermatitis in you. Your skin ointment could be cortisone ointment which solved your problem. The second prostitute may not be suffering from any diseases. There is no rule that all prostitutes suffer from diseases. Even they too use medicines to prevent diseases and due to that the disease may not be so powerful. However these sexual relations are not good.


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