Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Even in Seventies?

Q. I am 70 and while waking my footsteps are unsteady and do I am using walking stick. Even with uneven footsteps sexual desires did not reduce in me. My wife passed away 10years back. Even now every 10-15 days I am having sex with various women. If I don’t have sex my mind goes wild and I become mad. I am using condom over condom as a protection from AIDS. Forgive me for writing in such shameless manner. However understand my problem. Another mystery is I love only 15-20 years girls. I derive lot of pleasure while having sex with them and not the same with elder women. I want to know till how long this sexual desire will be there? What should I do to come out of it? Though I know I am committing mistakes I am unable to control this sexual feelings. Understand my problem

Ans: If one is healthy and has live peacefully and happily without any mental strain, sex desire will be active even in 70s and 80s. Extra marital affairs will depend on their attitude. While some kill their sexual desire after the death of wife, some will not control. So unless they have sex mind will not be he same. Having sex in such manner depends on morality. Sex with young girls give more pleasure as that age itself is symbol for sex and sexual attractions are more in them. Since you long for sex,you are after young girls and since they are in need of money they are spending time with you. Whatever may be the reason better control yourself regarding sex and diverting your mind to other work is essential.


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