Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Fluids Increasing Fear

Q. I am 20 year old unmarried girl. I have lot of sexual desires. I stopped education with tenth class. Since I don’t have any other avagation sexual wants are increasing. We are not financially strong and due to dowry problem,matches are not getting fixed. Recently during sexual desires fluids are coming near vagina. Undergarments are getting wet and I read that those who have uterus cancer white discharge will be more. Will I die before enjoying my married life? I am scared.show me way?

Ans: During sexual desires woman’s vagina will secrete fluids. Some will have more and some less discharge. This is not a disease and is a healthy sign. Even in cancer disease fluids secrete but they come with red color and smell. One will not get cancer at such young age. So don’t get scared of cancer. You may get married soon and will enjoy married life to the fullest.


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