Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Happy There, Unhappy Here

Q. I am 22 and have unique problem. I have sex with aunties quite often. Recently I fell in love with a girl. She is showing interest and I tried at least ten times to have sex with her. However all the time I was unsuccessful. Earlier my penis used to be hard but now infront of her it is not getting hard. The more I try the more soft it is becoming. I am worried whether sex with aunties damaged by sex potency. So I had sex with aunties again and it worked out wonderfully. Aunties too are praising me. Why am I failing with a girl when I am successful with aunties? Am I not fit to marry a virgin? Don’t I have such sex power? Do I have to marry a aunty? I am worried. Provide solution

Ans: You are successful in sex with aunties since they cooperated and guided you well. Unmarried girl when participated in sex, had her own fears which resulted in stiffness in vagina and to penis didnot enter. As it happened twice in front of the girl you loved, anxiety and fear crept in mind. In these conditions penis will not get erect and it becomes more soft. The same happened in your case and not that you became weak due to sex with aunties. It is not advisable to have sex either with aunties or unmarried girls. You will land in problems.


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