Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Heart Attack Imminent Without Sex?

Q: I am 68yrs and since 10 years I am away from sex. Since my wife lost interest in sex I stopped thinking about it. recently a news in one daily is scaring me. In the article it was mentioned that people who don’t have sex everyday are prone to heart attack. I am healthy but don’t want to have heart attack due to no sex. Suggest how to increase sex feelings in my wife and potency in me. 

Ans: We don’t know under what context the article refers to but if one have sexual feelings but control forcibly results in stress which show on heart. This will be seen mostly in people who suffered heart attack. However people who suffered heart attack stop thinking about sex and concentrate on other issues. You don’t have sexual thoughts and so there is no question of stress and heart failure. So continue in the same lifestyle and don’t quarrel with your wife unnecessarity. Don’t create problems into your peaceful life. 


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