Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Heavenly Pleasure Turned Hell

Q : I losing my senses had sex with a guy. I had lot of heavenly pleasure and craved for more sex with him. However after that I used to have more white discharge,itching in private parts, burning while passing urine. I contacted lady doctor but I stopped as I couldn’t tell her everything. I had medicines for overheat but my pain didnot reduce. Now I am scared and later I had sex with my husband. I donot know whether he too got problems. Now I am worried and scared losing sleep. I couldn’t eat. I will not commit the mistake once again. Understand my pain and pull me out of the trouble

Ans:You might have got gonorrhea or trichomoniasis infection due to sex with the  stranger. Use azithromycin 500mgs two tabs, tinidazole 1000 mgs one tab, fluconazole 150mg one and safexim 200 two tabs. Your disease will be cured. Ask your husband to use the same tablets. It is important both use same tablets simultaneously. If you still have problem consult doctor. Do not commit such mistakes again.


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