Monday, June 27, 2022

Hefty Personality Don’t Guarantee High Haemoglobin

Q : I am fair and chubby. But I am weak and will get tired easily. I tire by walking few distances and even climbing steps. I consulted doctor fearing heart problem. Doctor after ECG,blood test informed that heart is good but hemoglobin is less. They have subscribed some medicines. When I told my friend she made fun of me how can you with hefty personality can have no blood. Do hefty persons will have abundant blood and thin people less blood? Did doctor lie to me?

Ans: There is no relation between physique of a person and low haemoglobin content. Some hefty persons may not have hemoglobin and they gain weight due to fat. There are many reasons for low blood levels. Don’t bother about your friend and follow doctor’s advice and medicines. You will be alright soon. 


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