Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Herpes Simplex Not Harmful

Q.  I am having cold sores on my penis. They came after I met with an aunty. I had HIV, Herpes Simplex test. It was found that I don’t have HIV but have Herpes Simplex. I consulted a doctor who treats for sexual diseases. He said though HIV is not found now it can be found after ten years. He said Herpes Simplex will turn into HIV. From that time I am scared. Will Herpes Simplex turn HIV?

Ans: Herpes Simplex and HIV are different. It will not change into HIV. So you need not fear. HIV patients will get other diseases due to immunity loss.Even Herpes Simplex will come but Herpes Simplex will not result in HIV. Consult doctor and use acyclovir tablets. You will find relief.


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