Thursday, February 2, 2023

HIV Aided With Depression

Q : We have a AIDS patient. We are taking care of him quite well. However he looks depressed. Recently he is getting angry and tensed as if we are trying to harm and kill him. He is shouting at us. We are wondering why he is behaving in this manner even though we are taking care quite well. What to do?

Ans: HIV patients will have psychological problems. This will be seen when HIV is in a serious stage. Some will have depression,dementia, psychosis. If the person has psychological problems before HIV,it will increase with HIV.They will start losing memory, feel weak and lose appetite. If medicines are used he will recover.

Some HIV/AIDS patients will become psychotic (mental). They will have a lot of mental anxiety. They will not have inhibitions and suffer from imaginary fear and illusions. They behave like mental patients. They will become normal with antipsychotic drugs. If treated at the early stage observing their mental behavior, depression and psychosis can be prevented. Family members should look after them with love and affection and also take care of their physical and psychological health.


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