Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How Can I Tell Doctor?

Q : I am 42 and ten years back had hysterectomy. From then on I didnot have periods. After hysterectomy. , I enjoyed sex for 7-8 years. Right from the beginning I am very much interested in sex. But now I started disliking it and even getting pain in sex. Though I am in pain my husband will not listen and this is resulting in quarrels. He asks me to go to doctor and get medicines. I am unable to tell to doctor that I am not interested in sex. Recently I am having feverish sensation and other problems. I am getting irritated and feel like dying. Do I have any solution?

Ans: You are having menopause symptoms at the age of 42. Hysterectomy. and removal of two ovaries result in early menopause. Even if ovaries are not removed along with womb, due to non regular menses, ovaries stop functioning. Consult doctor and use Estrogen pills. Menopause will reduce and you will be normal sexually. Vagina will also not have burning sensation. Due to menopause you have depression symptoms. All those will be solved. Contact doctor. 


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