Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How Can She Know?

Q : I am married 2 years back and my wife did not conceive. She is eager to get pregnant and the way she is talking now with others is shocking me. She is saying that for pregnancy semen should flow into a woman but she is not getting it from me. I can experience semen flowing into her. But she is saying I did not cum into her and so she did not get pregnant. If I cum she should have some feeling. But she is not having any feeling and says she cannot conceive in this life. I am unable to bear the impotent husband comments and wish to die. Let me know how she can know that I am cumming in her and save my married life?

Ans: Woman cannot known when man cum in her vagina. She will not experience hot or coldness. Due to this your wife is saying that you did not cum in her. What she is saying is not true. Women who respond more in sex will have their vagina excrete some juices. There may be fault in either of you. So consult doctor together and get tested thoroughly.Misconception due to lack of sexual knowledge is leading to these problems.


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