Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How come It Is Small?

Q : I am 18 and thin. I have both sexual desires and also fear. I feel that my vagina is small. I observed keenly keeping mirror at my vagina. I saw only small hole and I stretched vagina to see. The hole is very small. Am I fit for sex with such small hole? I have lot of sexual wants and unable to control. After marriage if I cannot have sex with husband what will be my life? How will my husband accept? Can I have any operation and see to it that first night will be happy? Tell me the solution?

Ans: In unmarried girls varina hole will be very small. Only pencil or small chalk can get in. However once penis enters for the first time it will expand. Vagina hole can expand to any length and so birth of baby will be easily done. After baby birth once again it will become small. So don’t have unnecessary fears. Get married and you will enjoy married life completely. 


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