Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How I Am Different From Them?

Q. I have a unique problem. I am 22 and my friends say they ejaculate and semen come out in their dreams. I never experienced it till now. I masturbate everyday and semen falls at that time. But I am not having semen loss in sleep. Is it any sex deficiency. Am I not fully fit?

Ans: Semen loss in sleep in youngsters is a common phenomenon. However not everyone will have it. Only 60-70% experience this. Those who masturbate will not lose semen in sleep. People who don’t masturbate will lose semen in sleep. Semen will be formed everyday and it should come out in some form. When not participating in sex, not masturbating, even small sexual stimulation will result in semen loss. This is not sex weakness. You are not having any problem and since you masturbate semen is lost there and you are not losing semen in sleep.


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