Saturday, April 1, 2023

How To Stop Masturbation?

Q. I am 17 and for the last four years I masturbated 2-3times a day. I know that man who lose semen is not fit for sex. However I am masturbating whenever I am unable to control sex thoughts. Only if I do my mind will be normal. Many Times I am stopping masturbation the moment I get a feeling that I am losing semen. However some semen is sticking to drawer. Though I am able to stop semen loss, I am becoming dull. Friends are making fun of me asking why are you dull, are you doing HP, you will be unfit for sex. I am scared. How to stop masturbation?

Ans: No need to fear about masturbation. Man will not get weak irrespective of number of times he masturbates a day. Masturbation will not result in sexual weakness. There is no use stopping semen loss after penis erection. In adolescence semen loss will be there continuously knowingly or unknowingly. If stopped during masturbation, it will be going out in urine. This is known as retrograde ejaculation. You are happy that semen is not coming out but you are not realising that it is going out in urine. So don’t worry about semen loss or avoiding masturbation. One need not use any medicines to avoid it.


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